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Where is Novo button on a new Lenovo laptop g50, b50-XX, g510, g510, etc? Lenovo g50-30 BIOS

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An additional button Novo in a new Laptop Lenovo is used to extend the functionality of the device and to simplify BIOS entry. Usually, to get BIOS access, one is to find the proper combination of buttons as well as to push them when needed. Fn + F2 is often used for the purpose, but one is to mind, that other combinations can also be used.

It is quite easy to use the button.

  1. Turn off the laptop
  2. Press Novo and hold it down
  3. Turn on your laptop
  4. Release Novo button in a little while

If the abovementioned requirements are performed in a proper way,  the following window appears:

Как использовать Novo Button чтоб попасть в BIOS на ноутбуках Lenovo

You are to select the desired option.

Such models as Lenovo g50, Lenovo g510, Lenovo g500, etc. appeared in 2015 are equiped with an additional button Novo.

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