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Solved: Windows 7 a very long time looking for updates

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I have noticed that newly installed Windows 7 for a long time looking for an update, after the start of the search can be easily 2-3-4, and even more hours of drinking tea and a walk, and not the fact that the update will be found. Well if only updates’ve been looking for, so Windows system, this significantly hampers, svhost ship the processor by 50% or more, and eats memory. This situation is observed for a long time:

a very long time looking for updates

Sometimes the update search process continues endlessly, sometimes completed by various errors, and sometimes a few hours after the update are located. Since I reinstall Windows and then rarely attached no importance to this issue. The Internet offers several solutions, I tried them and nothing has changed, but it turned out that Microsoft knows about the problem and released a patch that fixes it. I tested it on two notebooks, and indeed the problem was solved. Windows updates are detected quickly and the load on the processor at the same time is minimal.

If your Windows7, Update Center for a long time searches for updates, to install the patch:

Windows 7 x86 (32 bit) all editions Downloadfix a long search of updates
Windows 7 x64, all editions Downloadfix a long search of updates

Here you can download the hotfix for Windows Server 2008 and Windows Embedded.

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